Automotive Safety Engineering (ASE) is recognised by the DTEI as being qualified in automotive disciplines relevant to:

  • Seats

  • Seat Belts & Occupant Restraints

  • Occupant Protection

  • Cargo Barriers

  • Bull Bars & External Fittings

  • Towing Connections & Braking

ASE can perform and certify a wide range of fully compliant vehicle modifications, including retrofitting vehicle components; installing additional or replacement seating, seat belts and occupant restraints; and fit aftermarket replacement components (eg. sports steering wheels, etc).

ASE assists mining companies design, build, test and certify purpose-built motor vehicles, and has vast experience in designing and testing frames for ambulances that incorporate stretcher locks, patient restraints, and equipment restraints.

ASE can apply this knowledge and experience when designing an internal vehicle fitting system tailored to your vehicle and its intended use/cargo (eg. trades vehicles, wheelchair access, etc).

ASE's Managing Director and Chief Engineer Grad Zivkovic is authorised as a Certifying Engineer by the DTEI Regency Park Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre to assess the extent of motor vehicle modifications and compliance to current Design Rule and Standards.

For further information about how ASE can assist you modify your vehicle for its intended purpose please contact ASE.