Established in 1994, Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd (ASE) is an Australian-based company that specialises in providing a wide range of testing, research and engineering services to a broad range of clients.

One of ASE's primary functions is performing compliance and conformance testing to established Standards, and we service and support various clients in this respect including the automotive industry, government agencies and other legislative bodies, and various universities and educational institutions.

Our qualifications, test facilities and practices meet or exceed our client's requirements and legislated Standards.

With over 50 years of accumulated experience in automotive design, development and testing, ASE also designs and develops components from concept through to production.  In addition to our own range of safety-focussed vehicle components, accessories and street furniture, we also assist individuals and businesses turn their own concepts into reality.

In 1996 ASE was awarded the prestigious USA Engineering Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to automotive safety, in recognition of ASE's contribution towards cargo barrier design and innovative test methods.

To find out how we can assist you or your business achieve your project outcomes please contact ASE.