As an award-winning and qualified engineering company, Automotive Safety Engineering (ASE) offers a wide range of engineering services to our clients, including:

Although ASE's specialty is in the field of automotive safety, we also provide a comprehensive range of broader fully-compliant engineering services.

To find out how our engineering services and expertise can assist you or your business achieve your project outcomes please contact ASE.

ASE can assist with any or all of the following phases of your product's development process:

  • Consultation

  • Design / Specification

  • Prototype Build

  • Testing

  • Production

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ASE provides a comprehensive Crash Investigation Service to a wide range of major fleet operators and other interested parties.

As an award-winning and experienced automotive safety engineering company, ASE is regularly contacted by media outlets seeking expert opinion and advice on matters relating to road safety.

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ASE regularly tests and inspects amusement rides, associated amusement devices, and stunt airbags to ensure they are up to required Standards and are safe for operators and patrons alike.

ASE can test and certify amusement rides and other amusement devices such as jumping castles and 'dodge-em cars' to assess the intrinsic safety of the device in accordance with AS 3533: 2009 - Amusement Rides and Devices.

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ASE is recognised by the DTEI as being qualified in automotive disciplines relevant to:

  • Seats

  • Seat Belts & Occupant Restraints

  • Occupant Protection

  • Cargo Barriers

  • Bull Bars & External Fittings

  • Towing Connections & Braking

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We can certify all legal modifications to vehicles, including the replacement of steering wheels, seat belts, etc; engine replacements (eg. replacing a V6 with a V8); and the fitment of larger wheels, lowered suspension, sports seats, etc.

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