Automotive Safety Engineering's (ASE) patented Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB) are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, and are the benchmark bollard used throughout the world including Australia, Japan, USA and the Middle East.

ASE's Energy Absorbing Bollards not only provide protection to people and buildings from out-of-control vehicles, they also partially absorb the vehicle impact, reducing the risk of serious injury to the vehicle's driver and occupants.

Rigorously tested and of simple, effective engineering design, ASE's new range of unique Energy Absorbing Bollards:

  • Are ten-times stronger than crash bollards currently in use

  • Are capable of restraining a common 1600kg vehicle travelling at up to 60km/h

  • Partially absorb the vehicle impact, reducing risk of serious injury t the vehicle's driver and occupants

  • Are available in a range of colours and shapes

Our bollards are suitable for use in any area where people and/or property are at risk of being struck by and out-of-control vehicle, and are commonly used to protect:

  • Patrons and diners in alfresco dining areas

  • Child play areas that are in close proximity to a car park or road (eg. child care centres, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, etc)

  • Thoroughfares that place pedestrians in close proximity to moving vehicles

ASE's Energy Absorbing Bollards can be designed to suit your specific requirements.  Polyethylene covers can be provided in any shape or colour to provide style, elegance, and maintenance-free bollards.  These covers can be tailored to blend with or enhance the appearance of the adjacent area, ensuring the installation of our bollards improves safety without compromising the aesthetics of their surroundings.

ASE's Energy Absorbing Bollards have undergone extensive testing to ensure they not only perform the functions for which they were designed, but also meet all legislated Standards and associated Design Rules.

For further information about Energy Absorbing Bollards, or to discuss the suitability of our bollards for your intended use, contact our exclusive worldwide distributor, Roadside Services and Solutions.