Automotive Safety Engineering's (ASE) Energy Absorbing Pole / Tree Buffers (EAPTB) are installed on fixed hazardous objects adjacent to busy roadways to absorb the impact of an out-of-control vehicle that may collide with the object.

ASE's Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree Buffers are a cellular design.  The singular cell is a round tube, strategically slotted for controlled crumpling and energy absorption.

The size and shape of the buffers are tailored to specific roadside hazards (eg. trees, poles, etc) and the posted speed limit for the adjacent road.

On average, over 30% of collisions in metropolitan areas that result in fatal or serious injury involve a vehicle colliding with a fixed roadside object*.  ASE's Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree buffers have the potential to significantly reduce our road toll, and have undergone extensive testing to ensure they not only perform the function for which they were designed, but also meet all legislated Standards and associated Design Rules.

* Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure Annual Report - Road Crash Facts 2005 AGPS, Canberra

Features of our innovative Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree buffers include:

     -  Strategically slotted for controlled crumpling
        and energy absorption

     -  Easily adapted to different speeds of impact

     -  Easy installation requiring zero maintenance

     -  Designed and manufactured in South Australia

For further information about the Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree buffers, or to discuss the suitability of our buffers for your intended use, contact the patent owners, Roadside Services and Solutions.