Automotive Safety Engineering's (ASE) ergonomically designed Laptop Stands for Vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia using high-grade materials.

With the use of laptop computers in vehicles becoming more prevalent in today's society, our Laptop Stands for Vehicles are tailored for use in the mobile office environment.

ASE's Laptop Stands for Vehicles:

  • Are ergonomically designed

  • Include 2 Cam Locking Devices to prevent theft

  • Safely secure the laptop within the vehicle

Our laptop stands ensure the laptop remains secured in the event of a collision or when taking action to avoid a collision, and will therefore:

  • Prevent injury to vehicle occupants as a result of being struck by an unrestrained laptop computer

  • Prevent damage to the laptop computer itself, avoiding the loss of recent work or crucial data, and unnecessary costs to repair or replace the laptop

  • Prevent damage to the car's interior

The two Cam locking mechanisms prevent theft of the laptop, with one lock preventing the laptop being removed from the stand, and the other lock preventing the entire stand (including laptop) being removed from the vehicle.

By preventing the theft of the laptop, these locking devices:

  • Avoid the loss of recent work or crucial data

  • Prevent confidential or sensitive data falling into the wrong hands

  • Avoid unnecessary costs to replace the laptop

In addition to ease of use, safety is an important consideration when using a laptop computer in a vehicle.  To prevent the laptop becoming a hazardous flying object within the vehicle during a collision or an emergency evasive manoeuvre, our stands have been designed and tested to the crashworthiness of Australian Design Rules ADR69 Frontal Impact, and ADR72 Dynamic Side Impact.

As at March 2010, ASE's Laptop Stands for Vehicles are the only vehicle laptop stands sold in the Australian market that meet these associated Australian Design Rules (ADR) and Australian Standards (AS).

Our vehicle laptop stands are suitable for any vehicle-based mobile office, and are commonly used by:

  • Retailers and Distributors of Essential Services and Utilities

  • Sales Representatives

  • Aftermarket Automotive Tuners

For further information about ASE's Laptop Stands for Vehicles, please contact ASE.