As an award-winning and qualified engineering company, Automotive Safety Engineering (ASE) offers a wide range of products to our clients, including:

All our products have undergone extensive testing to ensure they not only perform the functions for which they are designed, but also meet all legislated Standards and associated Design Rules.

For further information about any of the products within our product range please contact ASE.

ASE's Energy Absorbing Pole / Tree Buffers (EAPTB) are a cellular design that have the potential to significantly reduce the road toll in Australia and other countries.

The singular cell is a round tube, strategically slotted for controlled crumpling and energy absorption, and the buffers are installed on fixed hazardous objects adjacent to busy roadways to absorb the impact of an out-of-control vehicle that may collide with the object.

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ASE's patented Energy Absorbing Bollards (EAB) are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.

Our Energy Absorbing Bollards not only provide protection to pedestrians and buildings from out of control vehicles, they also partially absorb the vehicle impact, reducing the risk of serious injury to the vehicle's driver and occupants.

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ASE's Laptop Stands for Vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia using high-grade materials.

ASE's Laptop Stands for Vehicles:

  • Are Ergonomically Designed

  • Include 2 Cam Locking Devices theft

  • Safely secure the laptop within the vehicle

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ASE designs and tests frames for ambulances that incorporate stretcher locks, patient restraints, and equipment restraints.

Patients and items of equipment weigh 30-40 times more than their static mass in collision conditions; therefore inadequately restrained patients and equipment can result in severe or fatal injuries to the patient and/or ambulance officers.

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